Jun 21, 2022 | Uncategorized

Going outside in the warmth and fresh summer air is a wonderful way for elders to spend their time. It encourages light exercise and creates opportunities for socializing, both of which are important parts of a healthy senior lifestyle. Offer to spend that time together and enjoy the day in each other’s company making new memories. Find out what they love most about the outdoors, what they enjoyed when they were younger, or something they’ve always wanted to try. Even if you receive a little pushback, just let them know it would make you happy to spend some time outside together and offer a few ideas to choose from.

Here are 10 fun outdoor activities that are safe for seniors and easy for caregivers to arrange.

1.  Going for a Walk.  When looking to get outdoors, it is possibly the first thing that comes to mind. Simple and uncomplicated, they help seniors stay active and keep mobile. They don’t have to be long either. Walks can easily fit into a daily routine and connect you to the environment around you.

2.  Gardening is one of the most popular outdoor activities for seniors. It is a great way to feel connected with the earth, and it stimulates all the senses. It even has its rewards with beautiful flowers or nutritious food.

3.  Bird Watching can be calming and allows for reflection. This is an excellent activity for seniors who wish to enjoy and connect with nature. It’s also very soothing and therapeutic.

4.  Outdoor Music.  Many local parks will put on small music events that you or your loved one may really enjoy. Bring some snacks and beach chairs and enjoy the sounds and scenery.

5.  Fruit Picking is a great way to get out and get some fresh air while partaking in mild exercise. Plan a visit to small berry farms and get a nice snack from your berry-picking efforts.

6.  Outdoor Craft Shows are filled with fun sights, lively activities, and great opportunities to see some pretty neat art. And many are interactive, so you might be able to make some of your own!

7.  Picnics.  Pack up some favorite snacks and food that is easy to enjoy outside the normal dining room or kitchen setting. While you can head to the park or local lake, the backyard can be just as fun, too, when in good company. Invite some family to join and even their little ones. Seniors typically love to watch the many antics of children.

8.  Photography is an easy and enjoyable activity that can be enjoyed in the moment as well as later on. So grab a camera or even a mobile phone and go capture some memories!

9.  Fishing.  This activity doesn’t require a lot of skill but instead an ability to sit and wait for fish to take the bait. They say patience is a virtue, and it’s something that seniors tend to know a lot about.

10.  Treasure Hunting.  Grab a metal detector and head to the beach or park. Or, visit a flea market to see what you can find. Not only are these both a great way to get some walking in, but finding treasures of the past can bring back a lot of fond memories and nostalgia.