Embracing the Arts

Chatham Place, located in the “Cultural Capital of Connecticut” and surrounded by the arts in New Haven, takes immense pride in highlighting the talent and creativity of our local artists. The carefully selected wall colors, curated by nationally recognized Interior Designer Roz Cama, mirror the exquisite beauty of the Quinnipiac River and serve as the perfect backdrop for the pieces of art and furnishings, as well as the captivating photography by our talented local artists.

We are committed to championing local talent and fostering a vibrant artistic community. Our walls proudly feature captivating murals by local photographers Ian Christmann and Chris Randall, complemented by a special exhibit showcasing a PEZ collection on loan. Additionally, the original woodcarving for our Oyster Grill by Connecticut woodworker Steve Balkun adds a unique touch to our dining room.

We firmly believe that art is a cornerstone of life enrichment, enhancing our residents’ surroundings with beauty, wellbeing and character.

Renowned photographer Ian Christmann stands proudly in front of his latest commissioned piece of the Quinnipiac River at Chatham Place