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September is Healthy Aging Month. At Chatham Place, September is a time to focus on the physical and mental strength of our bodies as we age. 



We all agree—our bodies are different than they were 20 years ago. So how can we even have strength as we age?

Well, when it comes to aging, strength isn’t about how much you can bench press.

Strength IS about supporting your body and mind as you change.

Commit to healthy aging by getting the right nutrients and staying active. That means: 

  • Eating lots of fresh foods and healthy proteins
  • Avoiding foods with high fat, sugar, and artificial ingredients
  • Drinking lots of water
  • Standing more than you sit
  • Moving more! (Think about what feels fun– perhaps walks, golf, dancing, or gardening.)

You also want to try things like: 

  • Getting regular doctor’s checkups
  • Paying attention to any changes in your brain health
  • Developing and maintaining a close community
  • Trying new activities


Let’s be real: healthy habits aren’t always the easiest to maintain.

We’ve all tried exercising at some point in our life, gotten away from it…and tried again…and again. That’s okay! 

As you age, it’s more important than ever to keep making the effort—even if you keep having to “start over” again.  


Research has shown that these habits—healthy eating, regular activity, and new skills development—all help keep older adults physically and cognitively healthy. 

That means that your mind and body stay strong for longer, helping you maintain independence and a higher quality of life. 

How you take care of your mind and body has a direct impact on the future, so it’s important to keep trying to establish healthy habits…even if you aren’t perfect.


Our next tip is to bust myths about aging. 

MYTH: Aging means losing control of your body and giving up your freedom.
FACT: You can support your body as it ages, maintaining your abilities and your independence. 

Aging isn’t a bad thing, and it doesn’t mean “losing.” It means experiencing life in new ways, connecting with your body’s new needs, and developing exciting new communities. 

MYTH: There’s nothing you can do to strengthen your mind. Everyone becomes senile.
FACT: By pursuing new hobbies and continuing to stimulate your brain, you can change your future and support a healthy brain. 

Your brain is like a muscle in your body—if it isn’t used, it can become weak. If you keep training it, though, it becomes strong! So don’t abandon your brain as you age. Keep trying new activities, habits, and learning opportunities. 

For example, maybe it’s time to take up a foreign language, or learn Salsa dance, or visit somewhere new. Whatever you do, just keep your brain exercising. 

MYTH: Aging means losing all your friends. You become more and more lonely.
FACT: Developing new connections is one of the most exciting parts about aging. It helps you support a healthy lifestyle. 

As we age, we enter new communities. In the process, we pick up new hobbies and make new friends while also staying connected with family and friends. 

A community like Chatham Place helps you stay emotionally, socially, and mentally strong. It supports your lifestyle, encourages you to get out and about, and introduces us to new things constantly. 

There’s no better way to age than among new friends!

Age in Style

As you move through September, think about how your body and mind needs support. How can you contribute to your own healthy aging? What new things can you try? 

And remember- it’s okay if you fail at a new habit, but just making the attempt puts you one step in the right direction. 

Put your body and mind first this Healthy Aging Month.


Chatham Place at Mary Wade supports healthy aging for seniors. We take an active role in ensuring residents get what they need. Chatham Place Residents receive encouragement, resources, and support to pursue active lifestyles, eat right, and stay connected. We are always better as a community, and our highly-trained staff work tirelessly to ensure a welcoming, healthy and enriching environment for all. Contact us to learn more.

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