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When we think of Assisted Living, Independence is usually not the first thing that comes to mind.

But nothing could be further from the truth! 

Assisted Living actually helps seniors be MORE independent than they can be at home.

Here’s why:



Assisted Living Encourages Continued Community Involvement

Senior citizens often become either homebound or semi-homebound as they age. No longer able to drive, they become more and more isolated within the walls of their home.

However, Assisted Living offers the opportunity to take safe, scheduled outings in the community.  Many facilities provide transportation for shopping, activities, events, and day trips.

Such outings give seniors activities to look forward to and serve as a big morale booster. They allow seniors to continue being a part of the community in a way that fosters their sense of independence.

The best part? Seniors don’t have to worry about a thing (besides enjoying their outing, that is!) The Assisted Living facility handles all the arrangements. and, of course, safety and security are top of mind!

Bottom Line: Instead of sitting at home alone, your loved one can continue to participate in life in the outside community on a daily or weekly basis. And that, of course, builds independence, confidence, and inclusion!



Assisted Living Offers A Vibrant Social Life

There’s no doubt about it: living at home alone can be isolating. This is especially true after losing a spouse or loved one.

To make things more difficult, seniors at home oftentimes can no longer attend social activities, church, or even go to restaurants which can be discouraging.  As a result, it becomes difficult, if not impossible, to forge new social connections. 

Unfortunately, such isolation can cause or exacerbate depression and other mental health challenges. We are social creatures, after all!

On the other hand, Assisted Living can help seniors make new connections. Most Assisted Living facilities have robust calendars of programs.  Seniors are able to choose activities that match their interests, abilities, and skills. Along the way, they meet new people and forge friendships that buoy their spirits and help them remain connected and social.

On-site dining, coffee shops, or restaurants give them the opportunity to get to know others informally. Whether it is going to an activity together, attending an event, or enjoying a meal, conversation and new connections abound in Assisted Living.

Bottom Line: Assisted Living promotes interpersonal connection that fosters a sense of independence.



Assisted Living Helps Them Eat Healthy and Stay Active

Living at home can lead to a sedentary lifestyle and falls that can increase health risks and impact mobility.  Additionally, seniors at home struggle to prepare healthy meals. This can be due to a number of reasons– reduced access to groceries, physical limitations, lack of cooking knowledge, and more.  As a result, Seniors can become malnourished, which causes a myriad of mental and physical challenges.

Assisted Living offers a variety of health and wellness-related programs that help seniors stay active.  Safe, age-informed exercise programs, on-site gyms, and other group activities give seniors the nudge they need to keep moving (and, of course, have some fun in the process!)  Safety equipment and on-site staff ensure the safest environment possible and help prevent falls. Additionally, seniors eat a healthy diet that helps them maintain their mind and body. Support with cooking is provided to the extent needed.

Bottom line: Physical Activity and Good Nutrition helps seniors maintain their physical and mental health…which promotes independence.


Why Choose Assisted Living?

When you think of Assisted Living, consider the many ways it helps seniors stay active, healthy, and connected.

All of these promote independence which helps seniors stay well in mind, body, and spirit.


Chatham Place at Mary Wade supports active, engaging lifestyles.  Excursions off-site, daily programs, and a wide range of social and recreational activities help seniors stay social and active in mind and body.

Whether it is getting a cup of coffee with a friend in the cafe, a visit to the fitness center, enjoying the breeze on our rooftop terrace, or a morning at our beauty parlor or library, seniors enjoy independence while also receiving just the right amount of support.  Contact us to learn more.

Towns served: Branford, Guilford, Madison, East Haven, North Branford, Clinton, Killingworth, and Orange