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One thing is true: throughout our lives, our needs change. At various times, we may require more (or less) support.

There are times when we are independent and can prepare our own meals and shop for ourselves. Then other times, perhaps after a fall or injury, we might need short-term rehabilitation support for a few weeks or months as we heal. At other times, we might require round-the-clock nursing care.

We do our best to stay well, but we truly can never predict our health and what the future holds.


The Problem: Some Assisted Living Facilities Only Offer One Type of Care

Given how much our health changes over time, a “one size fits all” approach to Assisted Living generally doesn’t work.

For example, if you choose a facility that only offers one type of care, you will find yourself scrambling as your needs change.

It is jarring and disorienting, requiring you to make a transition during an already difficult period.


What to Do Instead: Choose Assisted Living With a Well-Developed Continuum of Care

Finding an assisted living facility with a well-developed continuum of care ensures that you are supported no matter what. Continuum of care just means that the facility is set up to handle a wide variety of needs.

When you choose a facility with a variety of services, all you have to focus on is your health and well-being….the transitions are seamless, no matter how your situation may change over time.


What To Look For: Continuum Of Care

55+ Older Independent Homes

  • Some Assisted Living facilities offer 55+ older homes for lease. These are great options for individuals who want to remain independent. 
  • Residents might cook at home but also enjoy meals on campus. They often will have the option to take part in all the amenities, including programs, healthcare support, excursions off campus, and more, while still living independently in a private residence.
Day Program
  • Some Assisted Living programs offer day programs for seniors. These programs offer purposeful activities such as arts, activities, trips, exercise programs, and more, as well as support with meals, medications, self-care, and more. 
  • Residents typically go home in the evenings.
Short-Term Rehabilitation
  • Sometimes, we experience a fall, illness, or injury which prevents us from getting around for a designated period of time.  We may need additional support with using the restroom, getting around, and taking care of ourselves. 
  • Short-Term Rehabilitation gives us extra support for a set amount of time as we heal.
Assisted Living
  • Assisted living offers support for adults who need assistance with daily tasks like eating, dressing, and bathing.  Residents receive a little more daily support while still remaining as independent as possible.
  • Many assisted living facilities may also offer light housekeeping, laundry services, meal preparations, events, excursions, and other activities to help residents connect with one another and stay active.
Skilled Nursing or Hospice/Palliative Care
  • When adults need round-the-clock nursing care, they typically enter a nursing home setting. Certified nursing staff provides help with bathing and eating, medical care, and more.
  • Staff/residents ratios are smaller, ensuring the comfort, health, and safety of residents. Hospice/palliative care ensures comfort as a resident lives out their final days.

By choosing an Assisted Living facility with a well-developed Continuum of Care, you’ll ensure that you are “covered” no matter what life brings. No more scrambling, guesswork, or confusion at an already difficult time.  Just peace of mind that you will be well taken care of…no matter what the future brings.

Chatham Place at Mary Wade Connects You To All Levels of Care…On One Campus

At Chatham Place at Mary Wade, we ensure that you remain as independent as possible while receiving the assurance of thoughtful, caring, and seamless support.

Mary Wade Options
55+ Older Rental Homes Residents 55 and older enjoy the benefits of leasing a freestanding private home or apartment while having the option to participate in activities or events and have access to our transportation services.
Adult Day Program The Adult Day Center (ADC) offers two programs of care and support for seniors, one being special services for those with Alzheimer’s or dementia. Meals, activities, transportation, medical support, and assistance with personal hygiene are provided.
Short-Term Rehabilitation Mary Wade optimizes the “road to recovery” for individuals in need of short-term rehabilitation therapy following surgery, illness, or injury.
Assisted Living Chatham Place at Mary Wade  Residents live in their own apartments but receive support as needed with tasks such as eating, dressing, bathing, safely managing medications, helping with errands, appointment reminders, and housekeeping.  Meals are offered through our dining program, and escorts are available for those with mobility issues.  Safety checks are performed routinely, and caring staff is on hand 24/7.  Daily activities help seniors stay involved and connected, and residents have access to our transportation services.  A Memory Care unit is also accessible for those with specific memory needs.
Skilled Nursing or End of Life Care Mary Wade provides a dignified, compassionate, and welcoming home for you or your loved ones when they need round-the-clock nursing care.

Our “Person-Centered” care respects each resident and their individual needs.

















Our continuum of care meets you right where you are, helping you remain as independent as possible while giving you the support you need.

You’ll call our community home even as your needs change. The right level of support is here on one campus. No more guesswork.

We are here to support you through all of life’s changes. Want to learn more? Give us a call to chat with one of our caring and knowledgeable representatives: 475.900.6040

Towns served: Branford, Guilford, Madison, East Haven, North Branford, Clinton, Killingworth, and Orange