What Is Assisted Living? (And Why Do Seniors Prefer This to Aging in Place?)

Mar 23, 2021 | About Us

All of us want to remain independent, no matter what age we are. But as we get older, it can become increasingly difficult to remain independent without a little extra assistance. This is why more and more seniors are choosing to move into assisted living communities these days.

“Today, seniors understand that assisted living is the best way for them to live independently as they age,” says Ann Zak, Executive Director of Chatham Place at Mary Wade, New Haven county’s newest and preferred senior living community. “Assisted living provides supportive services that help seniors with the tasks they need a little extra assistance with, which enables them to maintain their independence for as long as possible.”

Ann says that many seniors are finding assisted living communities preferable to the traditional “aging in place” model. “Aging in place in your family home seems preferable when you’re younger, but in reality, it can be difficult and very lonely,” she says. “Instead, assisted living provides a private home in a community that’s designed to make life as easy as possible, which includes all sorts of events, activities, and socialization opportunities. We like to say that when you move into an assisted living community like Chatham Place at Mary Wade, you’re actually laying the foundation to age in place – since you’re in a new, exciting, and tailored-for-your-needs home.”

What Is Assisted Living?

What do we mean, exactly, when we talk about “assisted living?” In the past, assisted living was synonymous with “nursing homes” – which is why, for so many years, older seniors balked at the idea of moving into “a home.” Over the last several decades, assisted living – and the senior living industry at large – has transformed into a solution that allows seniors to live their best possible life while remaining as active and independent as possible.

Assisted living today is all about choice and independence. No longer is there a one-size-fits-all approach to care. Yes, the lifestyle involves caring assistance provided around the clock whenever it’s needed. But it doesn’t mean that seniors can no longer do anything by themselves. Far from it! In fact, seniors who reside in assisted living are encouraged to design the lifestyle they want, and only receive assistance with tasks that are difficult for them. For example, you may have mobility issues, but you’re able to manage your medication, dress and bathe yourself and do everything else you want. Or perhaps you are incredibly healthy and active, but managing your medication isn’t something you’re great at. In either case, you’ll get assistance with the things you need, while leaving everything else up to you.

At Chatham Place, our residents receive all the support and help they need to enjoy life on their terms, provided by trained and compassionate staff. Here is just a sampling of what our residents receive to live life their way:

  • Nurses and caregivers on site 24 hours a day
  • Individualized care plans designed to enhance independence
  • Medication assistance
  • Healthcare service coordination
  • Assistance with activities of daily living such as personal care, mobility, escorts, reminders, safety checks, and laundry
  • Priority access to all additional care options at our community

How Assisted Living Supports Independence

It makes life easier.

A lot of seniors may be able to do things like maintaining a home and all the chores and tasks that go along with that. But they simply don’t want to do that anymore – and we don’t blame them. Taking care of a house is time-consuming, expensive, and can get more and more difficult as time goes on. Wouldn’t it be nice to move someplace where you no longer have to even think about those chores, because they’re taken care of for you? At Chatham Place, our maintenance-free lifestyle takes care of all the tedious tasks of homeownership and gives you back all that time, energy and money so you can do the things you want to do instead.

It’s a perfect blend of personalized care and privacy.

As we’ve mentioned, assisted living removes the difficulties that come as we get older, whether those are issues due to health or mobility or other factors. It blends the best of both worlds – the assistance you need with the privacy and independence you desire and deserve.

It gives you peace of mind.

While aging in place gives you the privacy you desire, what happens about safety and security? What would happen if you fell down the stairs and couldn’t get to the phone? Or if someone broke into your house? Or perhaps a fire started in the kitchen? An assisted living community provides the peace of mind that comes from knowing that help is available at a moment’s notice. Chatham Place has professional staff and nurses on-site at all times, and we have emergency call systems all throughout the community. If something happens, we can be there at a moment’s notice.

It helps you age well.

Staying healthy as we get older is the best way to ensure a high quality of life. However, that does mean getting enough exercise, eating well, having plenty of socialization opportunities, and keeping your mind active. That can be a lot of work if you’re living on your own. But at Chatham Place, you get the benefits of a personal chef, activity director, fitness trainers, and a group of friends that live just next door. Assisted living provides everything that’s needed to help seniors age well, from wellness and exercise programs, engaging events and activities and so much more.

It keeps you social.

As we age, friends and family move away or pass on, and it can be hard to make and maintain friendships. On the other hand, assisted living provides a vibrant, active, and engaged community filled with people in your age group who are looking for the same things as you. Best of all, making friends is as easy as walking out your front door. We have a full events and activities calendar every day, so you can meet your friends for exercise classes, a favorite hobby, a meal, and more – without you having to plan anything.

It just makes life better.

“Moving to assisted living doesn’t mean giving something up – it’s a chance to gain so much more than you ever expected,” says Ann. “At Chatham Place, we want you to live a fulfilled, independent life, so everything we provide – from maintenance-free living to delicious dining to transportation and wellness opportunities – has been designed to help you do that. We look forward to introducing you to our exceptional assisted living and our warm, inviting atmosphere in our new, state-of-the-art community.”

Chatham Place at Mary Wade – Now Pre-Leasing!

Chatham Place at Mary Wade provides full-spectrum senior care with a holistic approach. Providing assisted living and memory care options, our devoted team of caregivers and specialists are committed to providing one-on-one, personalized care in a warm and supportive environment while also receiving the best care in the country. Our philosophy of personal service and gentle care remains steadfast and resolute, just as it was at our founding in 1886.

Opening in fall 2021, Chatham Place will offer exceptional senior living options in a warm and inviting atmosphere. This new, state-of-the-art community will have 84 apartments designed to meet today’s safety, security, and comfort standards. As part of the Mary Wade campus, we will continue the legacy of exceptional service, truly resident-centered care, and access to world-class healthcare services.

For more information, please contact us by filling out our form or calling (203) 423-3293, today.