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Getting older doesn’t have to mean abandoning your freedom!

After all, you’ve got places to go and people to see.

How you get there might change over time, but you still want to make it to every grandchild’s birthday and doctor’s appointment…without worrying.


We All Age

Becoming a senior might not be on everyone’s bucket list, but sooner or later we’ll all be there. Right now, 23% of Connecticut’s population is already there.

So, whether you’re a part of that 23% right now, or you will be one day, it’s important to consider transportation. After all, too much isolation leads to physical and mental health challenges.

Not getting out can make it feel like your life is shrinking down piece by piece.

You become homebound and lonely.

Isolation can kick off unhealthy behaviors such as smoking or over- and under-eating.

It can also impact emotions- leaving isolated seniors subject to mental illnesses like depression and anxiety.

Reliable and safe transportation supports your health and happiness.

It helps you stay active, connected, and well, which is why transportation is one of our priorities at Chatham Place.


Transportation at Chatham Place

Each of our residents is unique, and they have a wide range of abilities and resources. Some are still driving around in their own cars; some own a car but hate driving it; and some haven’t driven for years.

Whether you don’t have your own car anymore, or you just want the ease of sitting in the passenger seat, Chatham Place at Mary Wade helps you get out and about so you can stay connected.

Our staff offers curb-to-curb travel so you can feel safe and secure about traveling.

We have a whole fleet of handicapped-accessible vans with drivers trained in medical response and emergency care. In fact- our residents even tell us that they think of our drivers as “family.”

We take residents to a variety of locations throughout the week and on weekends—to doctor’s appointments, to church and the movies, to the bank and shopping, to the library or hair salon, and special trips to New Haven’s theaters, restaurants, wineries, sporting events so they can stay happy, healthy, and connected to the community.

Chatham Place at Mary Wade also partners with the Agency on Aging of South Central Connecticut’s Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Chaperone Program. This fantastic program helps ensure every resident can get to doctor’s appointments. Whether you need someone to push a wheelchair or be another set of ears, you get to appointments on time…without being alone.

Transportation is just one of the many ways we help seniors improve their lives…so they can live well and stay a part of the community.

Chatham Place at Mary Wade prides itself on supporting the mental, physical, and spiritual well-being of our residents. We value community and know that it is an important part of supporting seniors.  Every doctor’s appointment, grandchild’s birthday, book club, and church service is vital to creating happy, healthy seniors. Chatham Place at Mary Wade helps you arrive there safely…so you can stay connected. Contact us to learn more about transportation at Chatham Place at Mary Wade.

Towns served: Branford, Guilford, Madison, East Haven, North Branford, Clinton, Killingworth, and Orange