Campus Map

Historic Fair Haven

5.5 Acres

Particular architectural and interior design features were incorporated into the Memory neighborhood to support the functioning of cognitively impaired residents. Such features include; location on the main floor in close proximity to the lobby and monitored entrance doors: secured doors to the Memory neighborhood: wander guard system; emergency pendant system: dedicated neighborhood dining room: security cameras throughout the neighborhood: secure outdoor patio: resident names and memory boxes for ease of recognition of apartment; safety windows with secured opening capability: safe and comfortable common space and appropriately sized hallways for safe ambulation.

Residents’ health is improved by the indoor environmental quality: All interiors’ finishes were designed to ensure a healthy environment, Low VOC finishes which decrease off-gassing, Individual HVAC controls, East west building orientation for maximum daylighting as well as sunrise and sunset benefits, ability to add positive or negative air pressure, UV in air handlers, full co-gen system providing hot water & electricity projected to achieve a 28%+ savings compared to a normal 75,000 sq ft building. Exterior environment quality: Minimizing the UV rays to protect the environment.