Nov 1, 2022 | Uncategorized

“Get well soon!” is the automatic response when we hear someone is recuperating from a surgical procedure, injury, or illness… and the emphasis is always on the “soon.” Nobody wants to be compromised for any longer than absolutely necessary, and this is where short-term rehabilitation comes in: when the healing process requires a bit of a helping hand. When we’re toddlers, a little tumble or bump usually heals in the blink of an eye. As we age, the body can take a little longer to mend, and therapeutic intervention can often help things resolve more quickly.

For this, aid can come in many forms, from physical, occupational, or speech therapy to more specific practices like swallowing therapy or targeted strengthening. Ultimately, the goal of short-term rehabilitation is to re-attain the level of independence and physical comfort that existed prior to whatever incident brought you in in the first place. A better overall better quality of life for the patient benefits not only the patients but all their loved ones and everyone on their care team.

There are many different approaches to short-term rehabilitation, all dependent on the goals and needs of the patient. The best therapies embrace a Whole Person Approach, treating each case individually and integrating all aspects of life, including limitations, into the treatment plan. Some cases might be addressed with a simple assisted workout or exercise regimen. In contrast, others can take advantage of innovative technologies designed to address specific diagnoses, such as electrotherapy, omnicycle stimulation, pulmonary rehabilitation, and shortwave diathermy.  These cutting-edge technologies can improve patient outcomes significantly, both for the benefit of the patient and caregivers.

At Chatham Place, the recent expansion and renovation of our Short-Term Rehabilitation program have brought the level of care to the forefront of the industry. From nationally recognized program-based therapies targeting neurological disabilities to state-of-the-art equipment to one-on-one and group exercise programs, these offer not only physical rejuvenation but the mental and emotional comfort that comes from working with a caring and supportive staff and community whose goal is the same as your own: the most comfortable, pain-free and independent way of living that each individual is able to sustain.

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